Meet Robert Bubp

Residence August 14, 2015 — August 28, 2015


Robert Bubp said, “I have always been a bit of a dreamer, intrigued by the idea that something existing may eventually become something else, as it relates to architecture, cities, history, the future, and the evolution of communities.”

Wichitopolia asked what we, the community, would like to see develop in Wichita over the next 25 years. Community contributions and participation were the driving force for the content of this exhibition. Robert acted as a coordinator, compiling ideas and helping visitors realize visions for a future Wichita. Responses included drawings, maps, and architectural experiments.

Satellite ARTISTS

For each Resident Artist, at least two local Satellite Artists or groups are selected. Satellite Artists are tasked with taking an aspect of the Resident’s work, process, or ideas and creating new work in response. Satellite Artists have the opportunity to work closely with the Resident Artist. Satellite Artists may collaborate or produce independent work. Satellite Artists are responsible for an exhibition and receive a stipend of $250 each.

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