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Harvester is amazing! How can I donate tons and tons of money to support this incredible programming?

Awww, thanks so much. We appreciate your support! Donate here.

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I would like to be a part of the “satellite exhibitions”. What should I do?

Great! We’d love to have you! Fill out the artist inquiry form on this site so that we can learn more about you and your work. Thanks for your interest!

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I would like to volunteer and be involved. What do I do?

Sign up for our mailing list and send us a message! We are always looking for helpers!

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I am an artist and would like to show my work at Harvester. What can I do?

While at this time we aren’t actively seeking submissions, we also never turn our backs on a good idea. If you have a project that you think would be appropriate for Harvester, fill out the artist inquiry form on this site.

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