Checking in during The Last Days of the Art World…

April 7, 2020 | Kate

Greetings Harvester Arts community!

Just a quick note that all our programming activities are on hold for the foreseeable future. This includes Factory Obscura’s Riverfest Artist In Residence and our Concept exhibition in partnership with the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. All will be rescheduled once we have a better sense of safe timelines. We are fortunate and thankful to be a small organization in this moment, as we are able to adapt and shift gears. That said, we are working on ways to stay connected and supportive of the arts community.

​Art Critic Jerry Saltz recently published this great article in Vulture titled The Last Days of the Art World… And Perhaps the First Days of a New One which struck a chord with many. For us at Harvester Arts, we are hopeful that small, nimble, & scrappy spaces like ours may be able to come out the other side of this situation poised to support artists and ensure new positive paradigms exist in our arts community. One passage, in particular, struck me:

“Whatever happens, we’re all conscripted into the service of art; we’re all volunteers of America. We need to play loose, loving, generous, being as creative and as unafraid as possible, adapting to change as it comes and not falling back on old, outmoded, mean, or inapplicable dogmas. We all want to go the distance for what we love. That distance has begun.” Read the full essay here.

For us, this means re-examining the ways we can support and serve the creative community to challenge ourselves by expanding our thinking and reinforcing the value artists add to society. Thank you for your support of Harvester Arts and our creative community. If you are able to assist financially at this time, it would have great impact as we navigate these unprecedented circumstances.


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