Neighborhood Superstar 2020 is here!

April 28, 2020 | Kate

Harvester Arts and Fisch Haus are pleased to announce the 2020 Neighborhood Superstar: Anthony Dozier.

Anthony is a painter who works in upcycled and recycled materials.

This honor is meant for an individual who may not have had access or pursued the sort of resources our organizations can offer (workspace, production assistance, marketing, coordination, professional development resources, etc). The award is meant to assist with realizing a creative project (of any discipline) of someone working in our local Wichita community. For over four decades Anthony has been exploring abstract painting and assemblage techniques. Harvester Arts and Fisch Haus are excited to see what he creates with this enhanced support.

For this award, Anthony receives:

Anthony’s creative approach reflects on his childhood in the 1960s where he used visual arts as a way of coping with a speech impediment. He says “As a child, I went silent because I had no voice.”

This led to creating things that would convey a message or thought through abstract methods rather than representational drawing. Today, Anthony uses recycled and green materials to explore and experiment.

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Jack Porter - 4/28/2020 8:43 pm

Grew up with this young man and I could easily see his artistic ability.  A kinder, gentler,  compassionate gentleman

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